Man Spends 3 Years Proposing To His Girlfriend Via Love Letters, She Never Notices It Until One Day

Timothy and Candice recently got married after 3 years of dating, and the way Timothy slowly proposed over the course of those 3 years made his new wife “burst into tears” when the big moment came.


When the couple first got together back in 2013, Timothy began writing Candice love letters that each contained part of a secret message. Once he hit 14 notes, the two sat down and read each one, and eventually the message was revealed through the first capital letter of each note.


“I am very difficult to surprise so this totally caught me off guard,” Candice told Daily Mail Australia. “Tim is always like this. He’s genuinely a thoughtful and romantic kind of guy.” Timothy also wrote a song for her 2 months into their relationship, and serenaded her with it on their wedding day. Let’s hope this couple is in for a lifetime of surprising each other in the sweetest ways.


This man wrote his girlfriend 14 letters while they dated, and she had no idea they contained a secret message (Continue…)

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