Moms Are Leaving Their Babies Out In Freezing Temperatures For This Insane Reason

Parents have a responsibility to take care of their children. Until a child is old enough to address their own basic needs, they rely on their parents to make sure that they are fed and cared for adequately, that they are appropriately dressed, and that they don’t find themselves in dangerous situations.


Being contentious about your child’s health and well-being means making sure that they protected from frigid weather conditions. When it gets cold outside, a good parent knows to make sure their child is nice and bundled up against the cold. If the temperature dips too low, some parents might not let their children go outside at all!


Of course, if you are Scandinavian, then all of that goes out of the window. When the mercury drops to freezing conditions, mothers in Scandinavia will frequently leave their sleeping children outside. Once you find out why, you might start doing it, too!


In most countries it is seriously frowned upon to take a baby out into freezing weather conditions. However, in Scandinavian countries, it is a very common practice.  It is not abnormal to spot infants sleeping in their strollers outside even in the worst cold. 


If this idea makes you shocked or nervous, you are not alone. It goes directly against what most Americans think of to leave a child outside in weather conditions that could be considered dangerous or harmful. That’s just not the case in Scandinavia. 

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