Multiple Myeloma Patient Committed to Persevering

As treatment options evolve, so too does the push to better understand firefighters’ increased risk to certain cancers. In 2017, Emily Sparer, then a postdoctoral fellow at Dana-Farber and now a research associate at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and Glorian Sorensen, PhD, director of the Center for Community-Based Population Sciences, worked with the Boston Fire Department to assess ambient exposures at the fire station. Sparer’s work is one of many projects aimed at identifying risk factors and improving overall firefighter safety.

For now, Horn is using his time to be with his family. He recently became a grandfather, and this past Halloween he helped his grandson, Nash, dress up as Elvis.

“I’d do it all again,” Horn says of his 30 years as a firefighter. “This has been really hard, but having the guys behind me 100 percent makes it all a little easier.”

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