Mysterious woman leaves an envelope on a restaurant table with one name on it; when it’s opened, the reader falls to her knees crying

You won’t believe what was in the envelope.



Chastity Rodriguez was working her routine shift as a waitress at a Luby’s in Texas, when a woman came in and made that particular shift unforgettable.


The unassuming woman came into the restaurant wearing a baseball cap, when she ordered a tray of pinto beans, yams and cornbread, which totaled $9.


Rodriguez checked up on her several times, offering her refills and a to-go cup. There were several coins already on the table, and Rodriguez assumed they made up her tip.

When the woman left the restaurant, she left an envelope on her table with Rodriguez’s name written on it. Rodriguez took it to the back to open it, and she found a typed note that read, “This is for you in your time of need. God bless you,” along with $1000 in cash. Continue…

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