Narcissistic and subservient thrill killers get at least 28 years

Aaron Pajich’s mother Sharon arrives at court yesterday. Picture: Colin Murty

Psychiatric assessments of Perth thrill-killers Jemma Lilley and Trudi Lenon yesterday shed light on the sadistic personalities of the former housemates who were yesterday sentenced to life in prison over the ambush stabbing of a trusting teenager.

Lilley, 26, was a supermarket nightfill manager with an obsession for knives and serial killers when she stabbed 18-year-old Aaron Pajich to death in her bedroom in 2016. She is a narcissist with a sense of invincibility who does not feel guilt or shame, ­according to a pre-sentence report prepared by a psychiatrist.

Lenon, 44, was living in ­Lilley’s spare room and studying business at a local college when she jointly planned Pajich’s murder. She is callous with dark and violent interests that she tends to downplay, in the opinion of a court-appointed psychiatrist.

In the West Australian ­Supreme Court yesterday, judge Stephen Hall said there was very little by way of mitigation for the pair and sentenced them each to a non-parole period of 28 years.

After they killed Pajich, but before police discovered he was dead, Lilley boasted about it to a work colleague. Lenon and Lilley mocked Pajich’s mother Sharon as she pleaded on the television news for information about her missing son. “You both derived malicious pleasure from the ­suffering of Mr Pajich’s family,” Justice Hall said.

A jury found both women guilty of murder last October.

“Firstly, this was a planned and premeditated killing. You both thought about this for weeks if not months. You thought about how it would be carried out, and how you would dispose of the body and clean up the scene,” Justice Hall said yesterday. “You both had time to ­resile from this plan but you continued remorselessly and with determination. Secondly, your motives for committing this offence were the pitiless pursuit of your own desires.”

He said the women chose a victim who was vulnerable: ­Pajich had autism. “You both knew that he was a young man, not much more than a boy really, with a very trusting nature,” he said. “Furthermore, he knew and trusted you, Trudi Lenon, as the mother of his friend, your son. You used that trust to lure him to the house and lull him into a false sense of security. “

On the morning of June 13, 2016, Lenon said something to Pajich at the Rockingham Shopping Centre where she had ­arranged to meet him and that prompted him to accompany the women to the house. Justice Hall said he thought Pajich believed he would see his mate.

“You, Jemma Lilley, wanted to give effect to your long held and strong desire to kill a person. You killed for your own pleasure. You had no concern for the person whose life you would take,” Justice Hall said.

“You, Trudi Lenon, wanted to give effect to your strong desire to serve a violent and powerful dominant. You derived pleasure from doing this, even if it ­involved killing.”


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