Nike Launches Its First Plus-Size Line Because “Women Are Stronger, Bolder And More Outspoken Than Ever”

Nike has the world rejoicing left and right after releasing a full line of plus-sized clothing this week. Not XXL t-shirts or extra-baggy sweatpants, but a fabulous range of comfortable, professional active wear.


In a statement given to Refinery29, the company said “Nike recognizes that women are stronger, bolder, and more outspoken than ever. In today’s world, sport is no longer something that she does, it’s who she is.” They’ve elected to celebrate diversity in every sense and promote body positivity, which is something we can all root for.


The line, which is available to buy online as we speak, includes multiple colours of leggings, shorts, and sports bras, running all the way up to size 3X.


Nike’s first full range of plus-size active wear, up to size 3X, is available to buy online now

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