Ovarian cancer: The silent killer and what every woman needs to know

ALL women are at risk. Spread the awareness and catch it before it is too late.

  • The problems started when I was only in my teens. I began having excessively painful and abnormally long menstrual cycles. My mother soon took me to be examined by a gynecologist, where we found out that my uterus and ovaries were filled with cysts. Years of treatment, biopsies and minor surgery resulted in terrible news: My organs were so overrun that I would most likely never be able to have children.

    Time passed. I continued taking the recommended drugs. I got married and, against all odds, became the mother of three daughters. I experienced no complications during the pregnancies, and for several years the cysts seemed to be shrinking. Then I hit my 40s. The cysts grew bigger and got stronger, provoking serious bleeding. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.




    After my experience, I feel like I must spread awareness of this disease to as many women as I can. Hopefully, someone out there will be able to benefit from my knowledge.


  • Things to know about ovarian cancer

    • There is no exact or proven cause for ovarian cancer. All women are at risk.
    • Cysts may develop cancer, mainly in ovaries.
    • Pap tests do notdetect ovarian cancer.
    • Ovarian cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers, with a high death rate.
    • Over 140,000 women die from ovarian cancer each year.
    • Women often ignore symptoms, and thus do not get diagnosed until they are already at an advanced stage of the cancer. Continue…

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