Progress made in the fight against Motor Neuron Disease

Sufferers of the insidious Motor Neuron Disease have received a boost with clinical trials potentially finding a way to slow its progression.

On Monday Ray Hadley received a call from listener Robert who tragically lost his wife to motor neuron disease (MND) eight weeks ago.

Robert pleaded for an update on critical research being conducted by Professor Dominic Rowe at the Macquarie University Hospital.

Ray has spent years raising money and awareness for the fight against MND and spoke with his good friend Professor Rowe about some recent positive results.

“We’ve completed, just last month, a world-first trial of a novel therapy… that’s a repurposing of medicine from HIV medicine to slow the progression of MND.

“The initial analysis is very promising, for some people this therapy slows the progression of MND quite significantly.

“We’re very hopeful that this is going to be very helpful in sporadic MND.”

Professor Rowe says up to 30% of patients could benefit from the therapy.

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