Remove More Than 20 Pounds of Poison From Your Body Just By Drinking This !

The colon is very important for genera health and is vital for human digestive system, immune system and the balance of water ..

The colon is between the cecum and the rectum and toxic substances can remain if your colon is not doing its job and removing the whole waste from the body.


In that case waste is absorbed by the colon’s walls and ends in the blood.


Healthy food and healthy colon transit the food through the body in 24 hours. But processed food, without nutrients and fibers, needs 70 hours and allow 30 pounds of toxic substances to accumulate into your colon and body in general.


Constipation occurs because of the toxicity of the colon. Waste move slowly through the large bowel and is painful or infrequent elimination. Continue…


Symptoms for large amount of toxic waste inside the colon are:

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