Robin Williams was certainly an empath. I wonder if he was a starseed, or more?

I’ve only been a member of this site for a week now, so I don’t know if anyone has touched on this subject at all. So, I apologize if this may be a repeated subject?

I don’t know why, but certain things pop into my head, n I can’t let it go for whatever reason. This subject has been in my head for days.

I loved Robin Williams. Not to the extent that I was a huge fanatic, n followed all his works. . . but enough, to want to see his films or shows etc.

Watching him in some of his interviews, I noticed him trying way too hard to make those in the audience laugh. Now, obviously, he’s a comedian n that’s their intent. But, what I saw made me very very sad. I could plainly see the sorrow on his face. Instead of laughing, I was deep in a place of intense empathy for this poor man <3

I, too, have thoughts of killing myself in so many many ways. In so much detail as to not put too much trauma on my loved ones. So when I heard he took his life. . . It hit a major chord with me personally, even though I did not know the man at all.

I do not want anyone to have any worry in their heart as they are reading this, because I will not take my own life. I am selfish in many ways, but not enough to end my emotional pain in such a way. I have too many who depend on me greatly. . . but, I think, Robin Williams knew that those who were closest to him would somehow understand.

Living, feeling, being. . . can be extremely hard. It’s meant to be hard. . . I guess that’s my only explanation. Love, love, love those around you. . . Peace to all my brothers and sisters <3 I love you!


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I too liked Robin and his wo

On the day of his passing, when heard the news I burst into tears and kept weeping for most of the day.  Even though I’ve always been sensitive and emotional, such an intense emotional response was quite surprising to me.  I’ve lost several loved ones before but him, him I didn’t know personally.  Besides, I imagine he is free from pain now, although I don’t really know how quickly one sheds the 3D ballast upon transition from this plane of existence.

I think everyone of us has had thoughts of wanting to leave here.  Long ago, I decided to stick it out, for Earth.  I love Her and Her children, and She is so worth it!  However, I do not subscribe to the new-age dogma-ridden philosophies or religious doctrines about supposed spiritual repercussions of ending one’s own life.  I believe Free Will applies here, as well.


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That’s good to hear. Take it from someone who has been there, or close: there’s no good reason for hurting yourself, but there are lots of reasons not to do so.

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