Roxette star Marie Fredriksson dies aged 61 after a 17-year battle with brain cancer

‘I’m particularly proud and grateful for coming back in 2009 after my severe illness and to have been able to take Roxette around the globe a couple of more times.

‘Sadly, now my touring days are over and I want to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful fans that has followed us on our long and winding journey.

‘I look forward to the release of our album Good Karma in June — for me it’s our best album ever!’

Chief executive Sarah Lindsell, from The Brain Tumour Charity said in a statement:

‘We are very saddened to hear about Marie Fredriksson’s death – and our hearts go out to her family and friends.

‘Like Marie, many people suffer long-term health complications after their brain tumour diagnosis and treatment such as loss of sight, hearing and radiation injury.

‘Over 11,700 people a year are diagnosed with a primary brain tumour – that’s 32 a day – and our five-year research strategy A Cure Can’t Wait aims to double survival within 10 years and halve the harm brain tumours have on quality of life.’

The folk singer from a small Swedish village who became a world famous rock superstar

Marie, real name, Gun-Marie Fredriksson, was born outside the small Swedish village of Össjö in southern Sweden on May 30, 1958, and was the youngest of five children.

Born to Charles and Inez, the family sold up their farm and the family moved to Östra Ljungby, where her father became a postman and her a mother took a job as a factory worker.

When Marie was aged seven, her eldest sibling Anna-Lisa was killed in a car crash when she was on her way to buy a dress for her engagement party.

Marie had said: ‘ She was 20 and I can barely remember her today. But I remember the grief, how the family was torn apart. Completely. After that I had to fend for myself. I was only seven years old.’

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