Super Rare Biracial Twins Born In Illinois, And “Nobody Believes They’re Twins”

These adorable twins from Quincy, Illinois, have sent the internet into meltdown after showing that not all twins have to look alike. According to the BBC, interracial couples have a 1 in 500 chance of having children born with different complexions.


Now nine months old, the girls who defied medical odds are biracial twins, Kalani and Jarani Dean, whose skin colour takes after each of their parents. Kalani takes after her mum, Whitney, who is caucasian, and Jarani takes after her dad, Tomas, who is African American.


The two adorable tots sent the internet into a frenzy, after Whitney posted a photo of the girls on her Facebook page with the caption: “We’re chromosome twins. “Kalani (on left) is light with blue eyes and Jarani (on right) is the darker one with brown eyes. This is rare but so awesome to share!” And you know what? We agree with her!


These nine-month-old twins have gone viral, after showing that not all twins have to look the same

The girls were born to an African American father, and a caucasian mother in Illinois, U.S.A

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