Surprising facts: 9 useful things to know about the vagina

Although almost half the world’s population has one, and most of us entered the world through one, the vagina is a still a taboo body part in a lot of the world.


Even where it’s more acceptable, many people are still uncomfortable talking about it — even with their doctor.


But as with most things in life, the more we know, the better off we’ll all be. With more vagina facts, you’ll be armed and ready to take good care of your own (if you have one) or someone else’s 😉


So on behalf of the world’s more than 3.5 billion vaginas, here are nine fascinating facts to add to your arsenal:


1. The vagina self-lubricates with shark oil

Ok, let’s just say that the substance squalene isn’t only the vagina’s brilliant homemade lubricant, it’s also a key ingredient of shark liver oil — an ancient folk remedy. Squalene is even found in plants, from amaranth to olives, and gets added to many moisturizers.


2. The vagina is a super-powerful muscle

Until they give birth, women don’t always realize how incredibly strong the vagina muscle is. After having children, of course, women have to get their vaginas back in shape with pelvic floor exercises to help stave off incontinence, as well as to regain the strength to participate in sex and enjoy a full orgasm. Continue…

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