Teen Wants $6,000 Designer Heels, So Sister Makes Them At Home For Just $40

by REBECCA ENDICOTT (littlethings)

Whoever is in charge of handing out the ‘World’s Greatest Sister’ award might want to pay attention.

One conscientious older sib lovingly handmade a DIY version of a pair of beautiful $6000 designer heels, just so her baby sister could wear them to prom!

The unnamed big sister took to image-sharing site Imgur to share her dedicated labor of love.

Big sisters are always there to lend a hand, like we saw with the adorable little girl who scooped her baby brother up in a hug the first time she met him.

Still, we don’t know many siblings who would be willing to create such an elaborate and beautiful creation, just to make their younger sister happy at prom!

It’s a truly adorable gesture, and it’s all the more impressive because it clearly took a lot of hours and tons of hard work to recreate the expensive designer heels.

Scroll through below to see how this sweet sister makes a cheap pair of shoes look like a million bucks!

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