The 13-year-old begged his mother to cut off his hands. At his bedside she did something for him that would scare off most parents.

Deryn’s condition got so bad that the doctors held little hope for him. They gave him only two weeks to live and put him in a hospice. His parents were so desperate that they decided to try something very unusual: they wanted to give their son cannabis. The doctors had told them that marijuana could improve his condition, but there had not yet been any studies of its effects on children. Because of this, children were not allowed to use it for medical purposes. So Deryn’s parents were forced to watch him suffer as his condition worsened. Finally they couldn’t take it anymore and came up with a plan.

“We couldn’t sit by and watch him spend his last days in a morphine fog. Enough was enough. So I went into the city and purchased a vaporiser pen – specialist equipment for inhaling an illegal drug,” explained Deryn’s mother. Meanwhile, his father managed to make contact with a marijuana dealer. It was a risky move considering that he would face up to five years in prison if caught, but he was willing to do anything for his son. Continue…

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