The Narcissist Checklist: What They Really Look For In Their Victims

5. Someone who has low self-worth whether they realize it or not.

They want to target people who may put on a show that they love themselves, but truly do not when it comes down to things. They want people in their lives that can put on a show in public and be falling apart at home. They want someone to play with.

6. Someone who believes they can fix others.

They need someone to think they have changed or to think they can change. If someone is going to give up on them easily it is not really worth their time toying with them. They give this a lot of thought.

7. Someone who is quick to trust those they care for.

They need someone who will trust them quickly. Someone who will let them in right away. While the narcissist does not mind working for things from time to time this is much easier.

Don’t be an easy target! Love yourself and know your boundaries. There are some bad people in this world; so don’t be fooled and let just anyone come in and sweep you off of your feet.

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