The pregnant woman had to pee, but the doctors wouldn’t let her. During the ultrasound the 25-year-old’s face turned pale.

Emily Christine Fauver and her husband Dylan were expecting their first child. The 25-year-old from Louisiana was in her eighth week of pregnancy when she went for a routine ultrasound. But when she saw the image of her unborn child on the screen, she knew straight away that something wasn’t right. Emily described her experience in a Facebook post…


“I had to pee so badly but they wouldn’t let me go. They said I needed a full bladder because it’s easier to see the baby during the ultrasound. I remember feeling so frustrated not only because of my full bladder, but because I had to fill out what seemed like 50 pages of paperwork before I could empty my bladder and see the baby I’d been waiting to see for 8 weeks


I finally was walked to the back room where I was greeted with a smile from everyone because the happiness from carrying a baby was contagious. The ultrasound began and I saw the images right in front of me. My heart was beating out of my chest. This was exciting!

This was a day my husband and I had been waiting for, for over a year.

But these images were different than the ones I’ve seen on Facebook that all my girlfriends had posted, something was wrong. Continue…

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