The Shocking Truth That Co-Dependency Stems from Emotional Abuse

Did you ever think a person could be so heartless and evil and yet you would fall for them?

Codependency is a surefire way to generally get stuck in a narcissist’s web. By being a good, loyal person it’s easy to get blindsided and trapped in their web of strategic yet deceitful tactics.

Truthfully, anyone can fall victim to them.

Codependency has also been known as “relationship addiction” since people who are codependent often maintain or form relationships that are one-sided and are emotionally detrimental and/or abusive.

They’re so good at what they do because they are master manipulators.

This is apparent but most times you don’t even know it until it happens to you and you’re actually in the situation. But then it’s too late.

They are attracted to loyal people who are givers because they know that you will put in 110 percent and work double time to not give up on them.

When we become codependent on another human being, it sets us up to be in a position to not be able to function without them.

Which is the very reason you cling onto them, even when they’re pushing you away and showing you signs that they are abusive emotionally, physically, or mentally.

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