The Vicious Circle of Fibromyalgia and Anxiety

Anxiety, the blanket term that applies to varying symptoms like worry, physical tension, restless, trouble sleeping, and fear of the worst happening, is very often associated with fibromyalgia. In fact, as many as 20% of all people with fibromyalgia will also have a diagnosable anxiety disorder.


The connection between fibromyalgia and anxiety is complex due its bidirectional nature — as fibromyalgia symptoms worsen, anxiety increases, and as anxiety symptoms worsen, fibromyalgia symptoms will increase. This puts extra pressure on you to maintain both areas equally or run the risk of debilitating symptoms from each.


Read on to find the simplest, most essential tips for reducing the negative impacts of fibromyalgia and anxiety.


Boost Your Knowledge

This article is a great starting point to begin your mastery of the link between fibromyalgia and anxiety, but by no means is it intended to be a replacement for medical information related to your unique symptoms and situation. Create a binder to be filled with information learned online from reputable sources. When you speak to other people with fibro, ask for their input and experiences in writing to add to your binder.

Of course, your team of doctors will be invaluable resources. Be sure to ask many questions and come prepared to your appointments to gain the highest benefit possible. If you find yourself forgetting the information, ask for the recommendations in writing. Inquire about helpful sources and pamphlet to take home to add to the binder. This library will help with your comfort and understanding of the disorders, especially when symptoms are high. Continue..

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