The woman took her toothbrush and scrubbed her nose until this result came out

Most people have to deal with skin problems at some point in their lives. Whether it’s acne during puberty or clogged pores as an adult, keeping your skin clean and free of blemishes is no easy task.


Of course there are hundreds of products available that claim they can help you with your particular problem, but they are usually expensive and not always suitable for all skin types.


But a young YouTube star who goes by the name Alexandra offers a really good tip for keeping your pores clean, and it only requires three simple ingredients and a toothbrush!


You’ll need:

a clean, unused toothbrush 1 tbsp toothpaste 1 tbsp baking powder some warm water


Clean your skin

First wash your face and then use a towel soaked in hot water to warm all the skin areas where you have blackheads. This will open the pores. Continue…


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