These 7 warning signs will tell you if you’re consuming too much sugar. I’d never expected No. 3!

Jam on your bread for breakfast, a candy bar at the office, a piece of cake in the afternoon, yogurt with fruit for dessert in front of the TV. That’s not that bad, right…?


Well, it can be. It’s not just obviously sweet foods that contain a lot of sugar. There’s also sugar in places we’d never expect it.


Processed foods, for instance, like sausage, canned fruits or veggies, potato chips and others have surprising high quantities of added sugar. And what’s the effect of elevated sugar consumption on our bodies?


When it’s more than our bodies need to burn at the moment, it turns into fat — and not just the kind of fat we so dislike noticing in the mirror…

It fills our organs with fat, which makes it ever harder for them to function properly, starting with our livers. Plus, as nutritionists start to recognize the benefits of fat, they’re also acknowledging that sugar (and salt), more than fat, was the bad guy all along.


These seven symptoms could be signs that you’re eating too much of it and it might be time to reduce your sugar intake. Continue…

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