Like it or not, you’ll be showing more skin in the summer. While many companies and products out there claim to be the best at rejuvenating your skin, there are small changes you could make right now that would have a huge impact on your skin’s health. Most of us spend each day damaging our skin without even realizing it. Here are just a few offenders to watch out for.


Sleeping in your makeup



Rinsing your makeup off each night is an easy first step to taking better care of your skin, but so many of us skip it. We get home late from work, then try to fit in dinner, working out, and relaxing. When you’re ready to pass out for the night, washing your face can feel like an unnecessary step. However, sleeping in your makeup is wreaking havoc on your skin.


“If you want to wake up fresh, you need to use a makeup remover,” cofounder of Chalet Cosmetics Andrea Rodriguez told me. “Sleeping in makeup not only ages you, it prevents skin from recovering overnight to maintain elasticity and hydration the next day.” Rodriguez recommended keeping the process as simple as possible so that you’re able to stay consistent.


“Agua Fresca is a super easy way to make sure you never do this to your face again,” recommended Rodriguez. “Pour this natural cleansing water on a cotton pad, swipe, and then hit the pillow.” Continue…

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