This Boy Wrote The Most Beautiful Note Before He Died

Do you remember what it felt like the first time you lost someone you love? Chances are, you were confused, scared, hurt, and lonely. For many people, these painful emotions never completely go away. But, what if you had something that would make it all hurt a little less?

That’s what happened to Tim and Amber Shoemake of Pike County, Georgia. After losing their son, Leland, to a rare brain infection, they discovered a touching letter from him. Keep reading to learn more of their simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming story — just wait until you see what’s on slide 2!


#12 Leland Shoemake

001-12-leland-shoemake-697261Meet Leland Shoemake. This bright, smiling six-year-old boy from Georgia seemed to have everything going for him. He lived a happy life with his parents, Tim and Amber, and his little brother. He lived an active and exciting life until everything turned upside down. But, before we get into that, let’s learn a bit more about this special little guy!

#11 “A Little Nerd”

002-11-a-little-nerd-697279Leland’s mother called him her “little nerd” because of his insatiable appetite for knowledge. He was constantly watching documentaries on The History Channel and The Weather Channel, and loved reading books for fun. It’s clear that this little boy really loved life — and life loved him right back!

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