This is why you should sleep naked from now on – even on cold nights. The alternative could be very unhealthy.

Getting enough sleep is extremely important for our well being.

Not getting proper sleep can be a factor leading to diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer.


As important as the quantity of our sleep is, the quality is just as essential.

To make sure that our sleep is as restful as possible, many people believe that sleeping naked is the best way to go.

And there are actually five good reasons why this is true…


Why sleeping “in the buff” is good for your health

1. Body temperature is regulated

When we sleep, our body temperature automatically drops. Wearing thick, warm pyjamas disrupts this natural bodily reaction. This can lead to a restless sleep, which leaves you feeling less replenished the next day. Sleeping naked ensures that your body temperature doesn’t get too high.  Continue…

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