This woman fainted as her ex-boyfriend bent over her. When she woke up, she screamed when she saw what happened!

After the breakup her ex-boyfriend bit her nose off!


Warning: This article contains graphic images that readers may find disturbing.

Michele Messer is a beautiful 30-year-old woman from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When she asked her boyfriend to come over to talk about their relationship, she had no idea how he would react.


She had been with Chris Campbell for about eight months, but as she explained to him that evening, things weren’t working the way she had hoped and she had decided they should go their separate ways. Chris flew into a violent rage.

“He pushed me up against the wall… his face was right to my face, like we were nose to nose and he started screaming at me,” Michele recalled. Fearing for her life, she warned him that she was going to call the police.


Chris became threatening and told her, “If you call the police, then I am gonna f**k you up!” Then he left her apartment. Continue…

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