Toddler with rare illness gets liposuction to reduce size of gigantic hands

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A toddler suffering from a genetic illness had to get liposuction to reduce the size of her giant hands.

Cora Ruben was born with lymphedema, which causes a build-up of lymph fluid and leads to extreme swelling all over her body.

The two-year-old from Minnesota, USA currently has swelling in her abdomen, legs, feet and most obviously her hands.

However following a number of failed treatments, her parents Kasey and Brett, met with a pioneering expert in Germany, who found that the size of Cora’s hands could be reduced by liposuction.

Her father, Brett, said: “Her hands are obviously the biggest thing that people see. But what people don’t know is she’s actually got it in most of her body.

“It’s through her abdomen, both legs, both feet. Her genitals, through her arms. And as she gets older it’s only going to get worse.”

Mum Kasey had a normal pregnancy, but immediately after giving birth doctors realised some obvious physical irregularities in her hands. However, they put the swelling down to a normal side affect of the birth.

Brett said: “The first few weeks we thought the swelling would go down. That’s what we were told.

“[But} We saw the paediatrician and that’s when she suggested that it may be lymphedema.”

Lymphedema is an incurable and progressive condition. There are a number of treatments that can curb the symptoms, such as regular massaging to promote the flow of the lymph fluid and using compression bandages, but nothing significantly worked on Cora.

In fact, overtime her symptoms got worse.

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