Toddler with rare illness gets liposuction to reduce size of gigantic hands

However, upon examination Professor Földi found that the swelling in her hands only contained 20 percent of lymph fluid, the rest was due to overgrowth of fatty tissue.

Kasey said: “She said it was 80 percent fat, 20 percent lymphedema, and the reason why her swelling wasn’t responding was because the fat was basically keeping us from appropriately compressing her hands.

“When you can’t treat the condition like you’re supposed to, when she’s not responding it’s, it brings up more anxiety.”

The cause of the fatty tissue is a mystery, and not usually a link to lymphedema.

To remove the tissue, Professor Földi suggested liposuction on the toddler’s hands, which should enable massage and compression bandages to reduce the rest of Cora’s swelling.

Kasey said: “I don’t think anybody likes the thoughts of having their child go through surgery, but I think anybody with a child would do this. It’s not her fault she was born with this, so I’ll do anything I can to help her live a quality and happy life.”

Despite some swelling still evident, Kasey sees a significant improvement in her daughter’s hands.

She said: “Her ability to pick up things is just tremendously better. We’re able to push the fluid, her hands are soft, they’re not hard, they’re not heavy any more.

“Her hands are soft enough now and they fit in her garments which compress her hands. When those are on, she can fit her hands in regular sleeves and she can do anything else anybody else can do.”

Professor Földi added: “I am almost certain that Cora can lead a normal life. Someday she will be a happy woman.”

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