Traumatic brain injury reveals incredible talent

(WECT) — A horrific car crash changed a man’s life, leaving him with severe trauma and an incredible gift: painting.

“I’m 42 years old. I restarted at 38,” said Scott Mele.

Four years ago, Mele suffered a traumatic brain injury after a driver hit him at an intersection going 70 miles per hour. Four months later, he woke up feeling lost.

“When I say I was completely estranged to my life, I felt like I was in somebody else’s life, and trapped,” he said.

Today, he stands in his living room painting a stunning portrait of a woman under water, suffocating – much like the suffocating anxiety he has struggled with since his traumatic event.

Before the wreck, though, Mele had no artistic ability. He later learned he had atypical acquired savant syndrome, known in the medical community as an extraordinary condition where an individual displays remarkable abilities they did not have before a brain injury.

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