Until she turned five, they thought their daughter was a normal kid. But then her body started to mutate.

Young woman has strange disease that converts her muscles into bone

When she was born, Jasmin Floyd had a small lump on her big toe. Then at the age of five, she woke up one day at her family’s home in Connecticut with terrible neck pain. Her parents thought she’d just slept in an uncomfortable position.

They expected the pain to disappear quickly but instead it got worse. Then they watched as Jasmin’s neck began to harden and solidify. And this was just the beginning. 

Today 23-year-old Jasmin lives in the prison of her body, awaking every morning to discover a new part of her musculature petrified, leaving her ever more immobile. She suffers from a horrible disease called Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), which replaces muscles, tendons, and ligaments with bone.  Continue…

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