WATCH: National Down Syndrome Society Releases Moving 40th Anniversary Video

The Institute treats patients suffering from Down's Syndrome and other intellectual disabilities of genetic origin. A multidisciplinary team deals with all care for these patients...

On February 8, the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) celebrated its 40th anniversary by releasing a powerful video.

The video features a doctor listing off all of the alleged “limitations” a person with Down syndrome will have to address in their lives. In between each statement by the doctor, individuals with Down syndrome rebut his remarks.

“Down syndrome?” the doctor says. “There will be a lot of limitations.”

The video cuts to a woman wearing a graduation gown, who says: “Are you sure about that?”

Each time the doctor makes a statement, a person with Down syndrome interjects, citing their successes — from owning a business to being happily married for more than a decade, from being a weightlifting champion to a Washington lobbyist.

“Your limitations, not mine.”

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