What Is Lymphedema And How It Can Be Treated By CBD Oil

Lymphedema is a serious affliction where large quanities of lymphatic fluid accumulate in a certain part of the body. It can happen in the face, neck, groin, legs, or even the chest. Sometimes it’s hereditary and begins early in life, other times it will happen just shortly after puberty. When it happens later than puberty it’s called ‘acquired lymphedema’ and it’s then most likely caused by some kind of trauma to the body. The main causes of the disease later in life are radiation treatments or surgery because of cancer. Many times it’s after a cancer surgery to the lymph system, but not always. Anything that can cause a disruption to the normal flow of lymph fluids throughout the body has the risk of becoming lymphedema. There are some serious complications if the disease isn’t treated, but there isn’t just one solution for the problem either.

What Is Lymphedema And How It Can Be Treated By CBD Oil

Once The Massive Amount Of Fluid Accumulates It’s Hard To Eliminate

The fluid is trapped and that part of the body will swell immensly, sometimes looking like a large water balloon ready to explode. After that, it’s possible to have problems with infections that recur on a regular basis needing constant monitoring and medication.

People will lose their mobility and need to be wheelchair bound permanently after a short time, which can make the problem worse since movement of the limb helps to ‘pump’ some of the fluid back into circulation. Obesity will usually follow, which has it’s own continuing problems such as type II diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.

Since the huge amount of fluid is very obvious, and hard to cover up, many of the people feel shunned when they go out in public, they’re unable to do and go many places that normal people would be able to, so depression sets in and continues the downward spiral.

Most Conventional Therapies Involve Compression

Depending on where the lymphedema has manifested itself there are a variety of different compression clothing options available. Compression stockings for the legs are common and they’re also available for the torso, chest, and arms, but nearly impossible for the neck and face areas.

One of the biggest problems with using the compression clothing options is that they need to be applied before the person stands upright in the morning to help prevent the flow of the fluid into the afflicted area. Failure to do so can make it impossible to put the compression clothing on and renders it ineffective.

It’s important that sufferers raise the limb whenever possible while sitting. This helps the fluid flow back into the lymph system rather than staying blocked in the limb. This is only a temporary measure and will only help so much, it does to help keep the situation from getting worse when they sit down for extended periods of time.

Exersising And Massage Therapy Are Also Very Helpful

Unfortunately, the longer the fluid sits immobile in a leg or arm, the more the limphatic channels are stretched. This only leads to the channels filling faster with fluid each time a person stands up. Since the fluid isn’t moving it will also become oxygen starved and rancid which is why it’s so prone to infections.

Most patients will need to be cleared by a doctor to begin exercising as there are some dangers that need to be addressed by a medical proffessional. After that swimming seems to be the best all around activity since the person spends most of their time in the horizontal position and there is almost no impact to the body.

The motions of exercise help to pump the lymphatic fluid back into the rest of the body and reduces the swelling in the limbs. The other, second best exercise, is the recombent exercise bike. This is good since it’s done in more of a horizontal position and uses the legs predominantly. The legs are the most common place in the body to experience lymphedema. Again, the pumping action helps to circulate the fluid which keeps it fresh, oxygenated, and moving rather than stagnating.

Regular massages by a trained theraputic massuse is recommended as often as possible. This helps to keep the fluids flowing and prevent accumulation in different ways than what exercise can accomplish. It should be combined with exercise whenever possible.

What Is Lymphedema And How It Can Be Treated By CBD Oil

There Are Special Oils That Can Help To Reduce The Swelling

Hemp oil, sometimes refered to as CBD oil, has been shown to reduce swelling in those with edema, lymphedema and other types of inflammation as well. Inflammation is the human body’s reaction to injury and also infections caused by bacteria or viruses.

However, many times inflammation gets out of control and actually becomes the problem rather than the solution. Cannabis oil has been found to be effective as a treatment for many kinds of inflammation related diseases including edema and lymphedema.

The oil of cannabis, called CBD oil, is very low in the THC that gives people the high that they smoke the herb for. But it does have amazing properties when it comes to inflammation. It’s been shown to help reduce the development of atherosclerosis, which is a major factor in heart disease, and strokes.

CBD has also been used effectively to help reduce airway inflammation of the lungs when caused by bacteria and viruses. And to reduce swelling of joints that have been injured or that have arthritis.

It’s thought the CBD works by inhibiting certain fatty acids that tend to concentrate in any inflammed areas of the body. The CBD oil can be massaged directly onto joints and inflammed or swollen leg areas multiple times per day with no harmful effects noted.

If using CBD oil on your lymphedema is of interest to you, you can consult with a doctor to learn the best ways to apply and how often is recommended. There are very few side effects reported so it should be as easy as enlisting a trained massuse and letting them do the job as they know how. While this type of treatment is still experimental, it has worked in research on a variety of swelling problems including edema.

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