What This Husband Did For Her Wife On Her Final Chemotherapy Session Will Bring Tears In Your Eyes

Most of the people are scared of the word ‘cancer’. Especially when one of your loved ones is diagnosed with any cancer diseases. Cancer damages you both emotionally and physically but if you start the medication in early stages, it increases the survival chance of the patient. Here we are talking about a mother and wife, Alissa Bousquet who was diagnosed with the breast cancer. She had no symptoms of this disease and when this news came out, it really shocked her husband and the entire family.

Her husband, Brad never gave up and always used to be with her but what surprised everyone is when he did something amazing on Alissa’s final chemotherapy session.

The last session

Alissa was finishing her final chemotherapy session so Brad planned to celebrate this by doing something special for his wife. His wife was waiting for her chemotherapy session to end just like other sessions but what she didn’t was the touching gesture from her husband that brought the hospital patients to tears.

husband surprised wife in chemotherapy session

This couple always believe in charity and their foundation help other patients too

Brad and Alissa Bousquet live in a small town. Usually, in small towns, everyone knows your business. And when you are in need of support and a helping hand, there’s nowhere else you would rather be. Both of them wanted to do something good for the community and started fundraising. When Brad reached out to his tiny town of Oakland, several of its 1,244 residents were happy to contribute. Continue…

husband surprised wife in chemotherapy session

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