When she was 16, doctors removed her intestines. With pictures of her body, she fascinates everyone.

Unique: Photographer shows that everyone has their own special beauty

Am I beautiful? In the age of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, this question is being asked more than ever before. For some people there’s nothing more important than finding that perfect look and the right pose to present their bodies to the world, even if that means getting some help from Photoshop…

The 23-year-old artist, Saskia Frietsch, finds this trend disturbing and has decided to go against the tide. When she was just 16, she was diagnosed with a serious intestinal disease that required the removal of the infected tissue. Since then she has lived with an artificial anus, but she hasn’t let that stop her from living a full life. She still feels beautiful and attractive, and she wears her scars with pride. That’s why she started “Projekt Grenzenlos” (Project Limitless). She photographs people with “flaws” and applies her unique perspective to capture their true beauty. And the results are truly impressive.


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