About empathy

Empathy is when you understand what someone is going through as if you were walking in their shoes. You are very sensitive to energy kind of person.

Those people who are empathic have a capacity that’s called clairsentience. This is the ability to get the emotions that are showed in the world when you’re interacting with people and animals. You are affected by what’s going on around you.

Which are the types of psychic empaths?

It’s good to keep in mind that not all empaths have the same abilities. Some can really feel what other people are going through, while any other empath can, just as easily, to show changes in the levels of the energy of what surrounds them. But one thing is the same for all empaths: their capacity to feel the levels’ energy. They can even do some subtle changes and some ‘normal’ people might not see at first. Find out what are the best phone psychic readings here.

The emotional empath

Those of you who take part of this type can pick up the emotional feelings of other people and actually experience those after. It’s actually quite good because you can help others – you are very good listeners, because you understand what people feel and where they’re coming from, and it usually doesn’t matter if you’ve been through that or not. However, if you’re also the type of person that gets sad quickly, you might have a problem, as this can really drain your batteries. You have to take care of yourself, too.

The geomantic empath

Or ‘environmental empathy’. You are certainly one of them if you find yourself happy or uncomfortable for no reason at all. Also, ask yourself if you feel some connections to some certain locations, such as churches or groves.

The physical or medical empath

Think about this: you know what a person feels if you’re seeing their energy. You definitely possess the physical or a medical empath. You heal people, either through a medical career or through other ways. Again, don’t forget to take care of yourself, as sometimes you can experience those problems yourself. Sometimes you may even encounter some problems in dealing with some preexisting ones.

The plant empath

With this one, you’ll know the kind of plant you need from instinct. This instinct will show you exactly where to put plants in your home and even garden. To make yourself feel better, you may try to bond with nature by meditating of a special tree to understand the energy better.

The animal empath

You have a strong connection with animals if you’re an animal empath. You care deeply for animals and you understand them and their needs. It’s known that some people even communicate with animals by telepathy.

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