Why Marijuana and Ayahuasca Don’t Belong Together?

After 15 years of intense spiritual and energetic study of plants, I can unequivocally state that no psychotropic earth-teacher is more misunderstood than Marijuana.

That said, what I have come to understand, and am about to share, is wholly from a space of experience, and perspective. This is my truth, as dictated by some very powerful plant forces. I am well aware they express the opposite truth in others. The great thing is – we all get to be right.

So, why is the spirit of Cannabis so completely misunderstood?

Because Ms. Ganja is an enigma. And she seems to like it that way.

It’s a beautiful evolution to see Marijuana be more accepted in society, but it doesn’t come without tangible repercussions. The very real challenges of working with Ganja are not what the nay-sayers and fear-mongers espouse. But they’re not non-existent, as the attached and even addicted among us claim. No, she’s far more mysterious and powerful than what she gets accused of being — from either the pro or anti camps.

Marijuana is becoming so prominent that many hold her as a ubiquitous addition to any altered journey. If she helps create a space of relaxation and openness solo, she can do that in combination with any other substance, right-o?

Oh hell no. That’s one of the many ways this glorious shadow dancer plays with our egos and our assumptions. She may start out complimenting and even expanding a given altered space, but use her long enough, and she will throw you a curve ball. Only you may be so veiled in her comatose energies, you could miss it all together and thus the lessons show up in your life instead. Which they will. Watch closely.

This can certainly be the case when Ganja pairs with Ayahuasca. Some traditions say this is a horrible idea. But does tradition always know best? Can’t we evolve and change the rules?

Of course we can. Some foundations are ripe for transformation, so that we may benefit and grow. But in the case of Marijuana meets Ayahuasca, there can be serious ramifications. Before you mix the two, this is an invitation to discover the potentialities.

I gave 12 years of my life to Ayahuasca (and counting) after the first time I drank her in the Amazon. I’ve sat in hundreds and hundreds of ceremonies and apprenticed with several masters. She’s tattooed all over my back and shoulders. I freaking love that girl.

MJ – that’s been a much more complicated relationship.

Like most of us, I dabbled in high school and college. Unlike most of us, I hated being high. No matter the purity or the strain, no matter the potency or the cultivation, there has always been a malaise that I abhor when smoking Ganja. As a drug connoisseur, I appreciate a substance with an edge and a serious boost. MJ makes me far too sleepy, checked-out, and sometimes full-on comatose.

I didn’t dislike her as a plant spirit at all. I just didn’t like how she mixed with my chemistry. So I used her moderately all through my twenties. We were the girls at the party that would say hi and do small talk, but we never went deep.

Then I was in a long term relationship with a wholly devoted Marijuana disciple. In the beginning, he smoked most evenings only. Eventually, he became a full on wake and baker. He smoked All. The. Time. Especially when we were in heated arguments. I watched how he stuffed down emotions and hid from the truth of what we were manifesting by smoking.

Deep down, I knew that this was his choice. It’s not Marijuana’s fault. But I started hating that plant. She was an easy scapegoat for my misery.

During those days, I was all-in with my Ayahuasca work. It started becoming more and more apparent that the personal journeys between me and my mate were creating an irreparable divergence in the relationship.

One night, on the heels of a challenging discussion, he started smoking from the percolator nicknamed an Atomic Bomb, as it sent even the most seasoned of smokers into bizarre, tripped-out spaces that landed them on our couch for hours at a time.

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