Woman and Her Paraplegic Fiancé Announced Their Unexpected Pregnancy In A Hilarious Way

Todd Krieg may not be able to walk, but he’s clearly still capable of getting things done. His fiancee is pregnant, and the Internet is applauding their hilarious announcement, a photo posted to Instagram last week that sends a simple message – “it still works!”


After a horrific motocross accident left Todd paralyzed from the waist down, he was told he may never be able to have his own children. While staying in a recovery centre in California last year, he fell in love with therapist Amanda Diesen. They got engaged 3 weeks ago, and are now expecting a baby boy in August, defying the odds in a relationship that has undoubtedly overcome numerous obstacles.


In a new series of photos taken by Kayla Duffin, the couple looks radiant and happy as can be. Todd and Amanda are currently trying to win the wedding of their dreams through Brides Live Wedding 2017.


After a motocross accident left Todd Krieg paralyzed, he was told he may never be able to have his own children

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