Woman Drinking Popular Drink Warns Others — After A Close Shave With Death


Sylvia Tan

Energy drinks have been long notorious as carriers of marketing tactics. After all, how can 1 can of chemicals be useful in replacing lost electrolytes during your workouts, or give you ‘natural’ energy boosts? One woman living in England finds this out the hard way.


Meet Mary Allwood, an 26 year-old mistaken for an alcoholic due to her severely damaged liver and bloated appearance. Allwood told the doctors that she drank 12 or more cans of Red Bull daily, as she could not live without drinking that amount.

Allwood also to have been reported to spend at least $3,000 yearly on Red Bull alone. That’s equivalent to 17 bars of chocolate and 15 cups of coffee based on 12 cans’ worth of both sugar and caffeine!

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