Woman wakes up in excruciating pain and a hole in her face; she finds the cause in her hand and realizes it could happen to anyone

This scenario is probably on the top of your nightmare list.

  • A nightmare came to life for Meghan Linsey, a singer songwriters and runner up on the eight season of NBC’s The Voice, when she woke up with a dead spider on her hand and a swollen, stinging face.

    Sometime during the night the spider bit her face and she must have killed it. Linsey bagged the spider and drove to the urgent care, positive that a venomous spider bit her. Sure enough, the spider was identified as a brown recluse is one of the most dangerous spiders in the world, and its bite can be deadly.

  • In days after the bite Linsey had a wide variety of symptoms

    “From excruciating nerve pain in my face, muscle spasms, full body rash, extreme swelling… etc,” she posted on Instagram. “It has really been rough.” Continue…

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