Woman Who Passes Away During Childbirth Leaves Her Family A Beautiful Gift

As exciting as it can be, there are few things in life more challenging than having a baby for the first time, especially when you’re a single parent. One of the only things that is more difficult is, of course, losing a loved one.

The two happened simultaneously for Jared Buhanan-Decker, whose wife, Sharry, died while giving birth to their son, James. Jared was, understandably, heartbroken and overwhelmed.

However, Jared wasn’t ready to give in to his grief, especially since caring for his newborn son took priority. But little did he know that he’d soon find a newfound sense of peace from an unexpected place!

Sharry and Jared Buhanan-Decker of Utah couldn’t have been more excited to learn that their first baby was on the way. Yet something unexpected—and tragic—would soon happen that would change their plans forever…


Their love story was one for the ages. Jared and Sharry had fallen in love at first sight. They spent every waking moment together, and their engagement came as a surprise to no one. They were married in no time!

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