WORTH READ: 8 Struggles That Only Girls Will Understand

The pain of waking up early just because you have to wash your hair, the struggle to keep dancing all night though you know how badly your feet hurt due to those high heels that made you look elegant! The effort to keep smiling despite the dirty cramps you get every month! If you have a smile on your face and can relate to these situations, then proudly declare to the world – YES! I am a woman and I love to be one!

Let’s all admit it – when we say ‘Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus’, it’s true because these two genders behave differently in different situations. Men and women come from different worlds because men think women can never understand them and it’s true the other way round too, when women struggle to explain their situations to men! While it is very difficult to understand what women go through and how they will react to a specific situation, a woman can relate to another woman perfectly – be it regarding their work or personal life, two women can always empathize with each other.


While women today, are no less than men, yet there are lot of everyday situations that only women have to go through and struggle, while men are sitting unaware of such trivial matters that a woman might be going through. That is why; a woman is known to be a lady who bears a smile on her face all the time, irrespective of the small and big struggles of life. She is the one who will never complaint about anything, will bear it all on her shoulders alone! Beware men – do not push her limits to test till where she can take it because you for sure do not want to see the devil side of any woman!


Hair problems to deciding on what to wear to the struggle to keep our nails from cracking, every girl can relate to all the other problems a girl faces. Continue..

Here are 8 every day struggles that only girls will understand and be able to relate to

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