Would You Give Cannabis Oil To Your Child If It Took Away Pain And Suffering?

He believes the discovery of the endocannabinoid system, and what it can do, will change medicine. He says it is the “single most important medical scientific discovery ever, and will save more lives than the discovery and application of sterile surgical technique”.

More people will be saved through the manipulation of the cannabinoid system than with surgery. That’s a pretty big statement for a heart surgeon to make.

Please watch the three minute video below:

What Doctor Allen says in the video is the tip of a very big iceberg – one that has been hidden from the public for far too long.

In a brilliant opinion piece in The Mercury (a Tasmanian news publication), titled It’s Time To Regulate Medicinal Cannabis And Scrap Legal Penalties, comes this statement:

“One must consider the question of why so many people turn to cannabis as an alternative to “conventional medicine”. In truth, this rarely has anything to do with a desire by patients to get high, but rather is motivated by the fact that cannabis often is of substantial benefit for a myriad of conditions where standard approaches have fallen dramatically short. Cannabis is actually among the most studied drugs of all time, largely as a result of US-sponsored research on its harms”.

I will write more about the ins and outs of cannabis oil in another article, but for now, I will share with you one mother’s powerful story.

Would You Give Your Suffering Child Cannabis Oil?

When mainstream options don’t seem to be working, we tend to seek out alternative solutions. And usually, by this time, we’re already in a bad situation.

I spoke to a mother in such a situation. She told me cannabis oil had significantly changed her family’s life for the better, in just four days.

For the sake of protecting the family’s privacy (and to avoid yet another loving parent being arrested and charged), let’s call the mother Sophie, and the daughter Sarah.

Like any typical 14 year old girl, Sarah’s emotions went up and down in rollercoaster fashion. She was okay one minute, then a hurricane of anger and misery the next. Assuming it was normal teenage behaviour, Sophie simply listened to her daughter in order for her to feel heard, and she supported her as well as she could – even taking her away for one-on-one time more often.

As months went by, Sarah’s emotional state worsened, as did Sophie’s confidence as a parent. No matter what Sophie said, or how much she supported her daughter, it didn’t seem to make any difference.

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