You Can Get PTSD By Staying In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

With time, you may start to notice how harsh and analytical you’ve been with yourself. You may start to regard your old protective mechanisms with gratitude and understanding, rather than loathing. You may start to see yourself as a real human being, with real feelings, who is suffering.


The more you see these truths, the stronger your kind awareness will grow. And eventually, it will become a loving awareness. You will see yourself as someone who is trying so hard. Someone who has been trying so hard for far, far too long. And with time, the loving awareness becomes stronger than any doubt or fear you’ve ever had, deflecting them like flies.


That is the ultimate gift of this work. By the end of it all, you have something you never had before. A loving awareness that your heart can surrender to, completely. You can rest finally, knowing that nothing needs to be done. You are loved as you are.


Note: This work can take months or years of practice. It’s not a one-time “ah hah” moment, but rather a slow shift in the way we think, feel, and relate to ourselves. The more we integrate these techniques into our lives, the more natural they become. And eventually, old habits are replaced with new ones.

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