You Will Be Surprised To Know What It Means If You Have Moles On These Places On Your Body.

Do you have moles at some specific places on your body that you keep wondering about? We all have moles and beauty marks at different places on our bodies but we never pay attention to details. Moles are different in shapes and sizes and they are in different parts of our bodies, but what matters the most is their position. The position of moles can actually give a hint of what kind of a person you are.


There’s more to moles than just the physical appearance. Read on and find what it means to have moles at different places on your bodies!


1. On temple

It could possibly mean that you will get a lot of opportunities to travel in future. It might be a travel for pleasure or a job opportunity. Be ready to accept the changes as there will be many on your way.

moles on different places on body

2. On the feet

It means that you are popular in the workplace and you have all the capabilities of being a great leader.

moles on different places on body

3. Between the eyebrows

This mole is connected to your career development. It also means that you are up for a promotion. Those who do not have a career or are studying should expect their hard work and effort to pay off in future.

moles on different places on body

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